My studio is located in SoCal
What does the photo shoot include?
Most of my shoots are done in my studio in Torrance. You will have the choice of a few different backgrounds to choose from as well as a few props to pose with. I use professional lights to capture you at your best. Before the shoot is booked, we will discuss what you are looking for so I will have everything prepared for you. We will shoot at least 3 different looks and can shoot more as time permits.

How long does a photo shoot last?
Most shoots last from 1 hour to one and a half hours long. More time is available if you need it.

Who can come along with me?
You are welcome to bring along one escort to the shoot. Anymore than that can get crowded. Your comfort and safety are important to me.

What should I wear to the shoot?
It is best to wear loose clothing to the shoot and no under garments if possible to reduce the chance of lines on your skin.

What should I bring to the shoot?
You are encouraged to bring any items of clothing you want to pose in as well as any props you want to pose with.

Do I have to shoot nude?
NO, I shoot both nudes and non nude photos.

Do you ever shoot for free?
YES, I often do free photo shoots. If you are willing to allow me to use the photos for my portfolio and sign a release I will gladly set up a shoot for free.

Will you shoot content for my web site?
YES, as long as the content is legal, however I am not shooting any boy/girl material at this time.

Can my boyfriend or husband watch?
YES, I am more that happy to have you boyfriend or husband be part of the experience. Many find it exciting to watch. They are also welcome to offer pose ideas as well.

Do you shoot couples?
YES, as long as the material is not X rated.

Will anyone see the photos you took?
NO, the only people who will see the photos are you and who ever you show them to. The photos on my site where taken with professional models who signed a release before the shoot. Your photos are private.
Is my shoot private?
YES, again, the only people who will see the photos are you and who you show them to.

I have never posed nude before, is this a problem?
NO, I have worked with many first time models both nude and non nude. We start the shoot with you in an outfit first, then slowly work at your comfort level.

Do you edit the photos?
YES, I do edit the photos for you.